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We are your contact. Directly on the spot. Corporate cultures are changing dynamically. Exciting new challenges encourage flexibility and mobility. Fully equipped, ready-to-move-in flats and temporary rentable flats are becoming increasingly attractive.

New perspectives…
the HomeCompany brand

The first hour struck in the 1980s, when regional agencies merged to form a national association.

HomeCompany has been a Germany-wide brand since the 1990s. Always up to date, we have played a key role in shaping and further developing furnished rentals.

Owner-managed local agencies, an overall marketing concept, uniform quality standards, a high level of service quality, commitment and passion and justify our strengths and performance.

The constant dialogue between (and with) the agencies bundles our strengths and develops tremendous synergy effects. This is how we collectively set milestones in the temporary living segment. HomeCompany eG combines the power of the national brand with the spirit of the agency teams.

A symbiosis in which visions can be experienced. ‘Big brand group’ and ‘small local agency’. Analytical and heartfelt. Visionary and realistic. Strategic and personal.

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New Lifestyles

Our basic idea of subletting and interim renting has long been transformed and continuously optimized. Today, temporary furnished living is the charming lifestyle of the modern cosmopolitan. The refreshing, brilliant form on the career path. Professionally mobile meters can easily move into a completely furnished new home anywhere in no time.

The independent, lively form of renting Prudent, foresighted landlords seize the opportunity of flexible renting and, on top of that, experience the uniqueness of a new, inspiring lifestyle. The experienced, authentic and passionate form of agency. No matter how the market changes, our values and ideals remain. Established and modernized. Constant and charming. Agile and persistent.

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New career opportunities at HomeCompany

Broker for temporary furnished accommodation

A job. Many talents. Working for the HomeCompany is
varied, exciting and multifaceted. We are looking for you:

  • You are empathetic, loyal, lovable and good at communicating.
  • You really enjoy dealing with people.
  • You are a dynamic, assertive personality
  • You attach great importance to customer-oriented actions and long-term business relationships
  • You accept new challenges with enthusiasm
  • You enjoy working independently and on your own responsibility in a teamger
  • They successfully combine this with a pronounced service mentality.
  • They have other aces up their sleeves
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New agency owners with HomeCompany

Temporary living in Germany Establish an agency in your city!

HomeCompany is not represented in your home country, but should it be?
Is HomeCompany a concept that excites you? We are looking for you:

  • They are accomplished, independent, passionate, genuine & honorable.
  • Would you like to minimize some of the risks associated with classic startups?
  • Are you about to make the decision to become self-employed?
  • You already have a company in the real estate sector and would like to continue to implement the HomeCompany concept independently and independently as a partner?
  • Would you like to use professional marketing strategies and sales concepts?
  • They hope for well-founded support in relevant business aspects
  • As the agency owner of a HomeCompany, you are part of the strong partner community. At 20 locations. With 30 years of bundled knowledge.
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