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Temporary Accommodation — Simple. Quick. Furnished.

Choose from thousands of offers!

  • Wide range of offers!

    Apartment, house or shared room: Thousands of attractive residential objects are waiting for you! Relax and choose your accommodation! In Germany and beyond.

  • Saving!

    Check on your own and save money compared to hotels in equal situation and standard! Habitation arranged by HomeCompany is worthwhile!

  • Full Service!

    We arrange nearly everything! You decide, where, when and how you want to live. We care for the rest until you move in. Try our services!

  • Mülheim frei ab
    27. Mai

    Convenient flat with terrace in Mülheim Styrum

    Property details
  • Rostock frei ab
    31. Jul

    HRO-Nice furnished flat with balcony!

    Property details
  • Stuttgart frei ab
    01. Jul

    Beautiful apartment in Stuttgart Feuerbach

    Property details
  • Würzburg frei ab
    27. Mai

    furnished 1 room flat in Wü/Oberdürrbach

    Property details
  • Waldbüttelbrunn frei ab
    27. Mai

    Furnished flat in WÜ/Waldbüttelbrunn

    Property details
  • Hannover frei ab
    27. Mai

    Hanover, classy maisonette near Zoo

    Property details
  • Wien frei ab
    01. Okt

    Vienna, nice & furnished 2-room-rooftop-apartment

    Property details
  • Münster frei ab
    01. Jul

    MS central: 35 sqm very nice accommodation (movie)

    Property details

Whether room, apartment or house:
thousands attractive
objects wait
on you!

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and at 7 locations internationally.

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Rent a flat quick and easy meeting exactly your expectations!

HomeCompany – your point of call in the matter of ‚Accommodation for limited time’.

You are looking for a furnished flat, a shared room or a house to rent? An accommodation on short call or an individual apartment for the duration of your working project in the new town? The HomeCompany agency for short-term dwelling has done the search already und presents a wide range of rental objects online for the virtual viewing. So you will find the flat that meets your taste as well as your budget at once. You only have to decide.

www.homecompany.de – viewing accommodation online!

The local HomeCompany agents enable you to move in at short notice - often on the same day. You can find your HomeCompany office in 50 cities in Germany and some big cities abroad.

Beyond this many of the agencies offer empty flats and houses to buy or to rent. Renting a short-term accommodation can really help you to manage the search for your own flat in a relaxed way. You don’t need to stay in a hotel or to make a rapid removal. Furnished accommodation for limited time offers you individual terms of lease. Look at our real estate online offers or ask us!

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