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Here you can find interesting news and a lot of things worth knowing about hiring and letting of living space and especially „temporary accommodation”.


Homeexchange - Hannover for Hawaii

   Home exchange is a practical vacation alternative where you agree to swap homes for a holiday. A holiday home exchange provides travelers with a no cost accommodation option.

Landlords and property owners can benefit from this modell, especially if the own four walls are located in an area which is convenient for tourists. Professional agencies provide assistance in finding the right exchange partner, and usually also take care of rental settlements. The advantages are obvious: No costs for holiday accomodation, and no vacant flat back home – including pet and plats care service.
Those living in metropolitan areas can also benefit from a home swap, for example by subletting for short term to business people. For most companies, renting a flat for their employers working abroad is favourable and cheaper alternative to hotels. Especially when flats are available for longer periods, for example due to world trip, prices up to 1500 can be reached. 

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