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Here you can find interesting news and a lot of things worth knowing about hiring and letting of living space and especially „temporary accommodation”.


Immigration from other European countries is increasing

For the first time since 2002 the number of inhabitants in Germany has risen again. 92,000 people more than in the previous year live in Germany at the end of 2011, making it a total of 81.8 million inhabitants.

One of the reasons for the increase is based on a positive net migration from southern European countries. Especially Greece (plus 90%) and Spain (up 20%) increased substantially in the immigration statistics.

(Source: Federal Statistical Office)

Due to the good economic situation, there has been a shortage of skilled labor in many German companies for months. This demand can hardly be satisfied by the German labor market. Many companies are therefore looking for qualified employees from other European countries.

HomeCompany with over 50 agencies throughout Germany, is a centralized service point for many foreign experts and managers in the search for the first apartment. Here, companies, employees and freelancers can quickly and easily select from a large pool of furnished apartments for rent. And live in Germany in an instant.


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